Most people don't realise how hard it is to get inventions off and running. Any money you make from the product goes back into the product to improve it and make it appealing for the public.
In many cases if you have an idea for an invention, it is a costly process to get that product to market.  If you have a product that you would like SMART AUSSIE IDEAS to market for you, please let us know  - phone or email us.
The Hitchmaster Rope Tool is now sold in over 15 countries worldwide and has given me the opportunity to demonstrate it and sell it all through the USA (inlcuding Alaska), Canada, UK, Germany, Philippines, India,  and many other countries.
Hitchmaster was voted the World's No. 1 invention at the Geneva World Trade Fair - the only Australian product EVER to receive the Gold Medal.
The Catch-a-nap Travel Headrest is available in India, China, USA and of course all over Australia through travel goods stores.

Gotcha, the unique fishing hook which has a built in compartment for burley - an amazing way to attract and catch fish !  It wont get snagged and is crafted to look like a shell - fishing with Nature !

We market over 25 items - please call us if you wish to purchase any of our innovative AUSTRALIAN invented, designed and created products.   If you wish to become a distributor give us a call or email us for terms and conditions.  Training is provided and we have great incentive programs for top sellers !

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